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Performance Coaching Programs

The traditional method for "improving" golfers has been for players to take a lesson ...
- then be left to progress on their own.

This formula has cost golfers countless hours of frustration and quite factually... doesn't work

When I coach a golfer I ... 

  • educate

  • motivate

  • monitor

  • hold accountable

  • provide feedback to ensure that practice, learning, and performance are optimized. 

It's simple. The more frequent I see or interact with a student, in-person or remote, the better they perform and improve.

Brett Zenewicz Golf's programs + online CoachNow coaching platform provides a solution no matter where you are located. 


It is now possible to ALWAYS be connected to my coaching....



Choose the program that suits your goals and let's Connect !! 


What are your golfing performance goals?


Break 100? Junior Medalist? Professional Tour?

Monthly Coaching

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